I am Hyper Linker, cybername of Danilo D'Antonio.

I was born 16 years before the landing on the Moon and the birth of Internet. My first contact with a computer was with a PDP8e DEC. Besides having a passion for the shunt of the snail mail, sometimes it loved to sound. I dived in the cyberspace only 27 years after its appearance but since then I never went out of it. This is one of my last sloops. Besides to computers and Internet, my thoughts has always gone to our Planet. It's not a case that one of my main works is The Earth Calendar.

I loved nature and I made all that I was able in order to safeguard it. I have also dedicated to nature a feeled celebration. I would have lived well together with my human brothers, even knowing that an excessive number of persons, in absence of a fully accomplished democracy, could make other but to reciprocally ruine and at last take their lives. For this reason I have promoted the spread of an awareness equally democratic and demographic and I have worked hard on a special strategy of peace: the (personal and international) self-containment agreements. Without their stipulation, mankind have no hope to go out safe from the present situation.

Time ago, I have gathered some guide lines for a correct environmental intervention by introducing the concept of eco-strike and the Boscimani Protocol.
I engaged myself in order to re-found our societies on basis of correctness, for example promoting the redistribution with temporary mandate of the r˘les of the public employment in a way that could be guaranteed a minimum job for every member of the society and to carry out an harmonic social rotation. And I have continuously searched for evolute tools that could help a reciprocal comprehension, like this proposition, confrontation and deliberation desktop or that could favor the social evolution, like the permanent and awarded people's assembly. And I have greatlyenjoyed the discovery of two principles at the base of democracy and of a single indicator able to determine whith precision its quality e quantity.

Overall, from an approach to social problems limited to the only analysis it was necessary to switch to a more conclusive intervention of sociosynthesis. While another urgency has always been that, at the traditional common politics of the rights, was added a personal culture of the duties. Without forgetting that we we should have involved in the protection of the Child from superstitious plagiarism and maybe dedicate a bit ourselves also to the child-sharing.

I gave the name Eudaemony Laboratory to my work space and I would have liked to sell my products (if a market for the ideas were opened) in a shop named Alla Buona Sorte. To whom asked me for it, I have indicatet the way that leads to the power to make clear the things.

Physically I have lived on the highlands of Abruzzo, in Italy, where gladly I wandered like an aborigine searching for food and truth, but almost my whole intellectual life has flowed in the cyberspace. In order to easily give a date to my friends around the world, I have conceived the idea of an Internet meridian. As soon as I can I rejoin everywhere my favorite companions of life: artisans, farmers and sem terra.

All nevertheless, I dedicate my work to every excluded/rejected from society. While repudiating all forms of wickedness and illegality, I note that never criminals recognized as such will be able to accomplish what the "good people" are capable. And worse for everyone. If only because there is no more time to build, in the chaos in which we maintained ourserves, a peaceful transition from human to artificial epoch, from our species to that we ourselves have created.